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8/29/12 Ronald is an "Old Soul" Who Needs a New Chance

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Wednesday's Child today is an "old soul"...even though he's only 12.  Dave Courvoisier says you may recognize him from an earlier visit to this program last year.

About a year and a half ago, we met with Ronald at Lorenzi Park.  We noticed then the big trusting eyes, and the quiet, knowing attitude.  Back then Ronald told us he might want to be a chef someday.

Well, we met again a week ago at U-Swirl, and despite all the good eats around us...this is what he told me about his career plans this time:

"I wanna be a firefighter," says Ronald.

"I have known him since the beginning of this year," says Jake, his therapist.

Jake is one of his caretakers, and says he always looks forward to spending time with Ronald.

"Well, I got a lot of background on the case, and just everything that had been going on with him, and then I meet him in person, and he just lights up a whole room.  He really does. He just has such a strong, hearty personality" adds Jake.

Ronald is smart...likes Math 'n' Science and gets good grades.

"Sometimes like A's and B's sometimes try not to get F's," says Ronald.

"Well, you've seen how bright he is, obviously like with math, and I'll give him a date, or any little fact, it'll stay right there, and it won't go anywhere, he can just pull it out like a catalog," admits Jake.

But the one thing Ronald lacks is a stable home.  

"And with the hand he's been dealt...he's uh, he's been through a lot, and I mean you talk to him, and you see him, and he's, you know he perseveres, but he's just a regular old kid...deep down," says Jake.

Plans are in the works now to get Ronald the permanent loving home he needs to thrive.
If you could picture Ronald fitting into your family, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.  Ronald is waiting.
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