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Las Vegas Woman Takes on Debt Collectors and Wins

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LAS VEGAS - Robin Sevedge's home phone is ringing off the hook. Call after call, day after day, she receives calls from debt collectors.

"It was beginning to feel like they were harassing us," she said.

They weren't looking for her, however. "At first, we didn't know who they were looking for," she said. "They kept saying his name, and it didn't dawn on us who it was."

After several calls, Robin and her family finally figured out the debt collectors were after her neighbor – a person she barely knew.

By law, debt collectors are prohibited from contacting third parties more than once. That includes neighbors and/or family members. No matter how many times Robin told the debt collectors that, they wouldn't stop calling her.

"I had asked them continuously to please stop calling, and I got one excuse after another," she said.

Robin wasn't left with many options. She could have sued them, but that would take time and money. She could have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, but the agency receives thousands of complaints each year. Many consumers wait a long time before their grievances are heard.

Instead, Robin took matters into her own hands and contacted the debt collectors directly. It worked. The company wrote her an apology and followed through. She says the harassing calls have stopped.

More than 180,000 complaints are filed against debt collectors each year. Robin's experience proves you can end the harassment if the calls are not related to your debt.

If you have a consumer complaint you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 650-1907 or email us.

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