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Flood Waters Damage Homes, Lives

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Damage from the flooding on Walton Heath Avenue in east Las Vegas. Damage from the flooding on Walton Heath Avenue in east Las Vegas.
Damage from the flooding on Walton Heath Avenue in east Las Vegas. Damage from the flooding on Walton Heath Avenue in east Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS -- Residents on Walton Heath Avenue in east Las Vegas are dealing with the damage caused by up to four feet of flash flood water.

The damage was so severe that Tuesday night Clark County firefighters went door-to-door advising residents to evacuate.

The day following the sudden flooding is all about the cleanup.

The floodwaters are gone, but the mess the storm left behind will remain for a while.

Walton Heath is one of the hardest hit areas, located near Vegas Valley Drive and Nellis Boulevard and the flood-prone Desert Rose Golf Course.

Thomas and Elizabeth Parker were flooded out of their home just four months after they bought their home in 1990. They said they have had a couple of water worries since then, but Tuesday's storm came with a vengeance, damaging their home with flood water.

"This is the granddaddy of them all," Thomas Parker said.

Added Elizabeth Parker: "This is the worst one. And I don't know if we'll stay here or not, because we are just getting too old to go through this."

The Parkers said they have flood insurance, but others could pay a large sum to replace their lost and damaged belongings.

"It was going up and going up and going up," said Willie Ignacio of the rising flood waters.

Willie Ignacio said he has had a tough three weeks. He was laid off from his job last month and then the flood ruined almost all of his belongings. As a renter, he said he had no insurance to protect his belongings against loss.

"I'm almost crying, because it's the first time this is going to happen to me like this," he said.

Ignacio's landlady, Charlotte Phillippi, said she has insurance on the home, but the policy doesn't cover flooding.

"I've never seen anything like it in my 40 years I've lived in Vegas," she said. "I was just told right off the top (from) one restoration company that it would be $15,000 to $20,000 just to clean (the house) out."

The American Red Cross is coming to the aid of dozens of people affected by the floods.(sot

David Garcia of the American Red Cross said the organization provides clothing, lodging and food to the people displaced by the flooding.

County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani toured the neighborhood Wednesday.

She said the area is not in a flood plane and flood insurance is not required.

"The County, as well as the flood district, has consistently said, if you live near a wash, get the insurance, even if you're not required to," she said. "It gives you that added protection, because at some point the 100 year flood could happen."

every one here has learned the misery of a monsoon… from young children helping clean up… to adults like rick cook who never imagined their lives would be turned upside down in minutes.

Resident Rick Cook said he never imagined how quickly his life would change from the flood.

"This is so quick that nobody had a chance," he said. "Nobody."

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