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Moody But Brilliant, Jeremy Needs a Family He Can Count On

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(Jun 16) -- This Wednesday's Child has had four foster home placements since last year, but he's settling into his current situation, and now's the right time to start seeking a permanent adoptive home for him.

Many viewers have already seen him, he's part of the group of four kids Dave took to the Ghiradelli ice cream shop a couple of weeks ago. The other three were a sibling set, but now it's time to meet Jeremy.

The way they all get along, though, you'd figure these four kids were all fast friends, but Jeremy has just met the other three, the siblings you met two weeks ago on Wednesday's Child. That's significant, Jdoesn't always get along with his peers -- a result of his having been moved a lot in the last year.

"This school that he's currently attending now is like his third school and it isn't because of him, it's just situations that have transpired that have caused that to take an effect in his life, but he'd doing excellent there," says Guy, who heads up activities at the group home where Jeremy is staying currently.

In fact, Jeremy's described as a guy who has almost unlimited potential in all he does. "Very brilliant kid, catches on very quick, very street smart, very academically inclined as well, he's a sharp kid but he's just got a lot of energy. He loves sports, he can play any type of sport,” says Guy.

Jeremy is understandably angry about being moved around. He's had to learn to channel that anger and turn negatives into positives with some therapy and hard work. But he can be moody. When Dave tried to interview him, he turned quiet and unresponsive to his questions.

In the end there’s nothing about Jeremy's situation that wouldn't be directly improved with a loving, permanent home. "This kid really needs a lot of attention and affection. He hasn't had that in a while,” says Guy.

“Do you think that it would be important for him to have a strong male figure in his life?” Dave asks.

“Strong male, absolutely. Strong male figure, most definitely. If anything, that,” mentions Guy. Jeremy needs a home with a good structure, a predictable routine and good follow-through.

If you think you'd like to give it a try, call the adoption exchange at 800-451-5246 to get the process going.

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