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Botzet's Hearing Filled With Objections

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Cheryl Botzet in court Thursday Cheryl Botzet in court Thursday
Dr. Alan Rice, Ariel's doctor Dr. Alan Rice, Ariel's doctor

(Jun. 10) -- A Las Vegas woman accused of killing her daughter by not monitoring her diabetes was in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday.

In Justice Court #2 a preliminary hearing for Cheryl Botzet was underway, but much of the 6 hours was filled with objections.

Dr. Alan Rice was one of three witnesses who did take the stand. Rice said he had only seen Ariel once in the 10 months leading up to her death. Robert Lynn, a former nurse practitioner in Rice's office, said he instructed Cheryl Botzet to call three to four times after Cheryl's initial visit in April of last year.

Prosecutor Vicki Monroe asked, "Was the level normal when she called?"

Lynn replied, "She didn't call."

Prosecutor Monroe continued, "She didn't call even after you instructed her to call?"

Lynn replied, "No."

But Lynn did get two phone calls from the nurse at Ariel's school. "To ask me to intervene because Cheryl Botzet was not sending insulin to school and she (Ariel) would often come to school without having eaten," Lynn said. 

Larry Simms is with the coroner's office. He said, "The fact that someone would die without insulin is not unexpected, so it's not an accident. The only conclusion that I could see was a result of chronic medical neglect. It would be homicide."

The preliminary hearing will continue Friday morning at 9 a.m.

Ariel's father tells Eyewitness News he blames Cheryl Botzet for his daughter's death and does not want to see her get out of jail.

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