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8/15/12 Alonn and Howard are STILL Looking for a Home

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The youngsters we feature on Wednesday's Child usually have to learn how to trust again.  That's the case with today's brother/sister pair after some big disappointments in life.

Almost exactly one year ago, we first met Alonn and Howard at a county fire station where they got to see all kinds of cool stuff.

Not long after being on Wed's Child, they did find a family...but then were returned to the system...  

"We had the one adoptive home, and then they quit on us," said Alonn  "They said we're not ready," adds Howard.

Now they're getting help learning to deal with that disappointment.  Luckily, they have not lost hope.

"We would like a family with pets,  one or two pets maybe more if they had it..and, a mom and dad and no other kids," says Alonn.

Both Alonn and Howard are doing well at school.  Howard says he likes hockey... And doing the right thing.

"Howard is a pleasing type of kid...he wants to try and please, he works hard...um, he has a good...he has high hopes for himself, but he quickly gets discouraged, so we try to promote him by empowering him, showing him consistent behaviors, and learning an effective way," says Chad, his therapist.

Big sister Alonn yearns for structure.

"Alonn is just an individual kid who needs that good solid love and motivation to increase her skills to where she needs to be." says Chad.

They need to be together, and they need loving parents.

"So if there's a family that can give them the appropriate attention in a positive way, supporting them,  teaching them healthy interactions, they will excel...and they like to do well with in-structure as well, they just haven't had too much opportunity in the past," claims Chad.

Alonn and Howard are free for adoption, and eager to find that loving home.

If you think you might just be the family for them, be sure to call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right away.
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