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8/08/12 Bonded Family of Five Is an Instant Family

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Wednesday's Child this week is a sibling set of five.  Now, that's a big order, but look at it this way:  they're already a family...they just need loving parents to make it complete.

We're at just about the perfect place to be on a hot day:  U-Swirl -- with their tasty frozen yogurt flavors, and endless choices of toppings.

Luckily, this eager group of five seemed to have no problem deciding what they wanted, and within minutes were all comfy around a table doing what they love even more than frozen yogurt:  being together.

"As you can see they love spending time together, they cherish the time, and obviously any sibling group would need that time together, and so anytime we can get an activity together... Um, they're absolutely in love with that idea," says Lance, their Adoption Recruiter.

The only guy in the group is the oldest, Taevon is almost sixteen and and a self-described bookworm:

"I was a little bit surprised, you don't always see teenage boys say that English is their favorite subject in school, and then at the same time participating in the HS football team as a fullback," says Lance.

Next is A'jah -- a middle schooler in love with cheerleading, gymnastics, dance.

"So a number of diverse interests with her, and for her, too, another thing that struck me:  loves math," adds Lance.

Sister Deairra is 10, laid back, and has exotic travel plans:

"Antarctica is the place, I was, I was little taken aback...why?  The penguins, apparently," admits Lance.

9 year old Amiyah is next in age.

"She is very outgoing, um, and into everything too, gymnastics, dance, music... Computer games, and musical instruments,"  says Lance.

And finally, with the round face and big smile is Ammie.

"Yeah, she, she...is the one with the jokes, again, cheerful, you don't often see a frown on her face...very outgoing, loves lasagna, every kind of food," adds Lance.

Five unique individuals, and yet a bonded set of five siblings seeking a loving forever home.

"They desperately need to be together, and a family that would fit them best, as you can see would be a family that's gonna have a lot of energy....a family that is into a lot of different activities...um, and that could get them to and from, you know, whether it's football practice, to dance to cheerleading...gymnastics, what have you and take a genuine interest in that," pleads Lance.

This sibling set is absolutely free and ready for adoption.

If you think you have the room and the energy to take on a talented set of five kids, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.
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