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Christmas in August???

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Now,  before you send me some hate mail for talking about Christmas when it is 100 degrees outside, hear me out.

Every year people complain about how much they overspend during the holidays.  In fact 6-10% of folks are STILL paying off last year's Christmas. 

You don't have to make the same mistakes as last year, though.  In order to do that, you've got to plan ahead.

Get this, there are 20 weeks until Christmas.  That means you've probably got about 10 paychecks coming your way until then.  If you saved $100 from every check, that works out to $1000.  If your spouse does it too, you just doubled your savings.  That my friends, can buy a lot of gifts.

Savvy shoppers also shop all year round for the holidays. Certain items are better deals during different parts of the year. So not only do you get a great deal but shopping incrementally reduces big year-end credit card bills.

So what should you buy when?

I'm glad you asked.


January: Winter Clothing, Furniture

February: Older model electronics

June-August: Linens

August-October: Clothes - Back-to-school sales

November: Everything - Black Friday! Need I say more.


So are you thinking about Christmas now?

Let me know how you save and spend for the holidays.

Email me!

That's my two cents, for now!


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