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8/01/12 Andrew Will Make You Smile With HIS Smile

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If you were to rank foster kids on a scale of one to ten for most deserving of adoption... Andrew would score an eleven.  It's hard to put his big personality into one story, but Dave Courvoisier tries in today's Wednesday's Child.

We're back to the United Studios of Self Defense where Andrew shows the kind of focus that reflects his flair for life.

"He's got that kind of infectious energy that he just lights you up, and he's always positive, I mean...he's got almost an old soul to him.  He's still a little boy, and he's still a lot of fun, and he's still naive about the world, and he's still innocent, which is great, but at the same time he just has this...this wisdom about him," says Jim, Andrew's therapist.

After this rigorous workout, we asked Andrew what he learned in his lesson.

"A kick, a punch, and how to say ayuh!!!" says Andrew.

Andrew always wears a smile...he's very social...and eager to belong.

"But that's what's neat about Andrew, is he still has that sort of child-like appearance and quality to him, so he hasn't hit those annoying pre-teen years, when they know everything about everything... He isn't quite there, which is great, cause he still has that room to grow, and really respond well to an adoption family,  he still has that ability to mesh into a family," adds Jim.

What would that family look like?

"One with kids...other kids...a mom 'n' dad...that don't, doesn't fight, they're 
like nice, they don't say bad words," adds Andrew.

"He seeks that affirmation, and I think that there's a lot of parents out there, that that's exactly what they're looking for, they want to be mom and dad to a kid who's just eager to be a kid, and he's that kid, he's ready, he's at that perfect age,  and he just has a lot of joy in his heart, and I just think that anyone who meets him is gonna fall in love with him," admits Jim.

Family services is hoping to find a family with a strong father figure for Andrew.

If you think there might be room in your family for this outstanding young man, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 to get started with the process.


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