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'Show and Tell Murder' Killer Accused of Parole Violation

'Show and Tell Murder' Killer Accused of Parole Violation

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LAS VEGAS -- The woman at the center of the "show and tell murder" is back behind bars.

Sandy Shaw was released from prison in 2008 after serving more than two decades behind bars. Shaw was a 15-year-old high school student when she and two teenage boys killed 21-year-old James Cotton Kelly. Shaw was accused of luring Kelly into the desert where the two accomplices murdered him. Although she didn't participate in the killing, she served 21 years.

The 8 News NOW I-Team has followed Shaw's case from the beginning and was granted the only interview with her after her release in 2008.

Upon her release, Shaw learned the world had changed drastically in the ensuing 21 years. She had to learn to drive, learn about computers and cell phones -- things that weren't around when she went to prison.

She got a job with a local plumbing company and was a highly valuable employee, according to co-workers. But according to law enforcement sources, Shaw got a DUI more than a year ago for being under the influence of an unspecified drug. While that case was making its way through the court system, she had a parole violation for failing a drug test at the end of May and has been in jail ever since.

When Shaw was interviewed in 2008, she said she knew she would have to walk the line.

"I do monthly check-ins. I go to the parole office. I have to pay a monthly fee. My parole officer comes and does house visits," she said, adding that she was well aware that random drug tests were a condition of her parole.

Shaw's employer told the I-Team that while Shaw's been an outstanding worker, they will wait to see how this all plays out before deciding if she still has a job.

UPDATE: The I-Team has learned the drug allegedly found in her system is PCP. Shaw's lawyer Greg Knapp (no relation to George Knapp) thinks that makes no sense and intends to challenge the drug test results. Sandy has passed every drug test for four years, Knapp said, knew full well she would be tested randomly at any time by her parole officer and has lived a clean life since her release.

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