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Sibling Set Offers Triple the Challenge, Three Times the Blessings

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Technical difficulties have prevented us from including the accompanying video images and images of Kadijah, Denetria and Atreyu.

(Jun. 2) -- We continue our string of adoptable sibling sets with this segment of Wednesday's child. It's a tall order to adopt more than one at a time, but the going trend is to not break up these families -- and for good reason.

This is a set of three, who are outstanding individuals, but inseparable as two sisters and a brother. Dave met up with the tree at Ghiradelli's ice cream and chocolate shop. Kadijah is 10, her sister Denetria is 9, and their brother Atreyu -- everybody calls him just "Trey" -- is the youngest at 8.

This is a lively bunch, and it was clear to Dave right from the start, that there wasn't much sibling rivalry here -- all three got along well.

"They all walk to school together, they play together, they spend a lot of time together, they like to support each other,” says Jackie, their CASA volunteer. But separately, they are all three outstanding.

Kadijah mothers the other two, but loves music, does well in school, and she "…loves to ride her bike, loves to skate, loves to go to the movies,” says Jackie. 

Denetria is the liveliest of the three. "Denetria is very smart, very inquisitive,” says Georgina, Denetria’s DFS case worker. "She loves music, loves to sing, loves to dance."

And Trey may be the youngest, but won't be outdone. "Trey is a computer genius, this kid can do anything with computers,” says Jackie. "He's very creative, very outgoing,” adds Georgina.

So individually, and as a trio, these siblings are outstanding, and deserving of a good home together. "All three kids are on the a honor roll at school, they've gotten citizenship awards, math, science awards, their teachers speak highly of them in class, very respectable, and well-mannered kids in the classroom,” says Georgina.

"All they have at this point is one another, and they love each other, they're very bonded with each other, and I think that it is very important for them to be there for each other."

Again, we realize this is a big "ask" to adopt all three children. Look at it this way, you'll be blessed three times over.

If you think you'd like to give it a try, call the adoption exchange at 800-451-5246 to get the process going.

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