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7/18/12 Cash Makes a Second Appearance

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The life of a foster child is tough enough...but imagine going through all those trials as someone hearing impaired.  Cash may be deaf, but it doesn't slow him down one bit in his search for an adoptive home.

One year ago, we first met Cash at the red rock climbing center.  He was eager to try his luck at climbing the wall... But neither of us had any idea that one year later...we'd meet again...and this time doing something even *more* strenuous.

As you can see, Cash has grown, and this time -- through a sign-language interpreter -- we were able to ask about his interest in sports.

"I really don't know how to play basketball...so I don't think I can, but I really prefer football, so that would be perfect for me...I know how to do that, I'm pretty good at basketball, I'm good at moving," says Cash through his sign language interpreter.

"He's a big fan of sports...he likes to do anything active...anything social, he's got a great sense of humor, uh, which you don't always expect out of someone who has that difficulty communicating," says Anthony, who has been a constant friend to Cash for years.

Anthony has known Cash for many years, and says Cash has never given up hope for adoption.

"But he wants to be part of a family...and that' something you'll always see him longing for," says Anthony.

"I really want that.  I don't really want to be bored, and sitting in my room all day with nothing to do...I think it would be more fun," signs Cash.

Cash starts high school this fall, and despite his challenges, just wants to fit in.

"But sometimes, if I were to go in as a new person and have an interpreter, I'd get embarrassed and feel shy, 'cause everyone's looking at me, and I try to make friends," signs Cash.

Cash needs a family that will stick by him, be active, and hopefully a family that has pets.

"He's a great kid, um, really awesome, fun to be around..and any family that gets him is gonna be lucky to have him, admits Anthony.

Cash is free and clear for adoption, and would be a great addition to any home.
If you think he'd be a good addition for your family, call the local office of the adoption exchange now at 436-6335.


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