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7/11/12 Aunesty and Amaya Would be Great Daughters

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Wednesday's Child today presents two sisters destined to be adopted together...which is much preferred to the separate living situation they've had the last year.  Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Aunesty and Amiyah.

The pole position go-kart racing place was probably not Aunesty and Amiyah's first choice...but they're just happy anytime they're together.

"They haven't been living together for about a year, so our goal is to get them re-united in the same home.  Which is happening very shortly...Amayeh is leaving the program she's been in for the last year, and is going into the current foster home where Aunesty lives,"  says Tracie, their adoption recruiter.

The girls got into the whole scene...suiting up...getting on their helmets...getting situated in their seats, and taking to the course. They didn't set any speed records, but they're still very young.

Amiyah is the oldest at eight, and is the natural athlete:

"She loves to be outdoors... She loves to play sports, she loves to...she's a go-getter...a go-getter... Very outgoing," explains Tracie.

Little sister Aunesty is two years younger, and more feminine:

"Aunesty is a girly-girl..she likes the necklaces, and the ribbons in her hair, and she likes her hair done-up...and she likes somebody to do her hair, and do hair extensions, and she likes to be in pink....in fact, today before we left to come, we had to go change," says Tracie.

These two deserve to be adopted into the same home and enjoy life together as true siblings.

"They would probably thrive in a home with a mom, or a mom and a dad...really with a mom. They need a strong female figure that can help them, that can guide them, um, that can...show them what it's like to be a little girl," admits Tracie.

Aunesty and Amiyeh are free and clear for adoption...eager to find a home.
If you think there's room in your heart and your home for these two little girls, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.
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