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As a new mom, I use my baby monitor all the time. I'm a worry wart, so I have to have an eye on her at all times. But recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning about my beloved baby monitor. They claim it can be a strangulation hazard and that they are responsible for the deaths of seven babies. How are baby monitors killing kids? The CPSC says the problem is with the cord used to plug the camera into the socket. The report they just released say parents place the camera on the edge of the crib to monitor the child … and if it accidentally falls in the crib or the baby pulls it in .. the cord can wrap around the wiggly baby and strangle them.

I immediately freaked out after reading the report because I have done that with my baby monitor. Thankfully, she's still so little nothing has happened but she just learned how to roll over to one side so she'll be moving before I know.

This news made me wonder, where I should be putting the camera from now on. I don't have a table by my crib, so I am going to have to get one or get creative. I do know I'll never put it on the crib again and I am going to make sure everyone who watches my baby knows this new information.

I may be paranoid. I think my pediatrician believes I am, but hey it is better to be safe than sorry.

For more info on baby monitor safety, check out this web site.

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