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Sister and Brother Must Be Adopted Together

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(May 26) -- The brother/sister bond is very strong for this week's Wednesday's Child pair. That's why adoption specialists are dedicated to keeping the two together in the same family.

They're fairly close in age, but they're even more tied together emotionally. 10-year-old Jala and her little brother Demetrius have only been in foster care for a couple of years, so they're still dealing with some pretty tough issues of life. But as you'll see, they're getting through it together.

Dave, Jala and Demetrius came unprepared to feed the ducks at Lorenzi Park. Luckily the ducks didn't mind that lunch was a stale bag of Fritos. The kids were surprised at how much they liked them. 'Turns out Jala and Demetrius kind of like fritos too -- and so do the pigeons. We ran out way before anyone got their fill.

Dave was very impressed right from the start with Jala. She borders on gifted for her age. Really! She's quite personable, very conversational, and truth be told, probably relates to adults better than kids.

In fact, Jala probably takes on the role of a mom for her little brother Demetrius more than she should, but certainly when it's needed.

Raw emotion is just under the surface with Jala's 8-year-old brother. And at one point while Dave was talking with them, Demetrius broke out in tears. Jala quickly and affectionately reassured Demetrius that things were going to be okay.

"She’s been the mom all along. When her mother was no longer in the picture, and her grandmother had health problems, Jala started mothering her brother, and she didn’t know how not to. Now it’s hard for her to give up that role, but she needs to have permission to be a kid,” says her foster mother, Beverly.

Jala and Demetrius are doing very well in their foster home. Both are in the appropriate grade at school for their age, and neither of them are having behavioral problems. But being abandoned did leave some emotional scars.

"And I don't want to go through that again, nor do I want to be shuffled around anymore. That's the reason why I want to be adopted. I can stay permanently somewhere, I'll have friends that I can keep," says Jala.

Demetrius feels the same way. He's wary of adoption, but knows he can't stay where he is indefinitely. He mostly lets his sister do the talking and his foster mother sees his needs clearly.

"Demetrius needs a father. He hasn't had a steady reliable male figure in his life. I would like to see them go into a real stable family that's Christian-oriented," says foster mother Beverly.

We're looking, here, for parents who are not afraid of the age of these children -- parents who are up for the challenge of such special kids. If you think you'd like to give it a try, call the Adoption Exchange at 800-451-5246 to get the process going.

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