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LuAnne Sorrell, Reporter

Judge Again Denies Bail for Cheryl Botzet

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(May 27) -- A woman accused of killing her daughter by failing to monitor medical condition was denied bail again. Cheryl Botzet was visibly upset when the judge ruled that she must remain behind bars.

On Tuesday, the judge ruled that Child Protective Services must first inspect Botzet's home to determine if it is safe for her 17-year-old son before she is let out of jail.

A case worker said the agency has been denied access to Botzet's home. Botzet will be back in court on Tuesday.

(May 25) -- Ariel Botzet died after not getting the insulin she needed to keep her diabetes under control. Now her mother is charged with murder for her death and Child Protective Services is under investigation.

Cheryl Botzet hung her head as the judge refused to set bail. Botzet is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 11-year-old daughter, Ariel. Botzet's lawyer Herb Sachs says the charges are outrageous.

"Premeditation and deliberation, as if my client sat down one day and said 'how am I going to kill my daughter?'"

"We don't have to show premeditation. We don't have to show deliberation. If you abuse a child and that child dies as a result of the abuse, that is first degree murder in the state of Nevada," said Vicky Monroe, Clark County District Attorney's Office.

Judge Doug Smith wants Child Protective Services to determine whether Botzet's home is safe for her 17-year-old son before letting Botzet out on bail. It's not the first time they have been called in to investigate.

Child Protective Services were called to Botzet's home three times in five years. During the last investigation in June of last year, drug tests showed Botzet was on methamphetamines, but still Ariel was allowed to stay in the home.

Ann Rubin says investigators determined both children were safe and Ariel's medical needs were being met. "She did show us the medication and the insulin with the child so we saw that she had the supplies she needed for the child at the time," said Ann Rubin, Child Protective Services.

Now the agency is conducting an internal review to determine if more should have been done to protect Ariel and to try to prevent this situation from happening again.

The County Child Fatality Review Team is also investigating Ariel's death. The team looks into all death's of children ages 18 and under in the county. Bail could be set for Cheryl Botzet on Thursday.

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