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6/20/2012 Billy is a Handsome Guy (and tries not to show it)

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12 years is the absolute turning point in a young man's life.  That's why we're so interested in seeing Billy get adopted.  He's a handsome kid with a bright future.

Billy was excited about being able to drive the go-karts at Pole Position, but frustrated that he was driving with the younger kids you'll meet on Wed's Child in the weeks ahead.

Later, asking about the sports he likes, we found out he was getting another turn around the course.

"He loves the video games...he loves sports, he loves to watch sports...he gets to do a second lap out here, in the race-car, so he's pretty  excited about that since the first lap was going so slow, says Tracie his adoption recruiter.

Billy is pretty carefree...admitting he has a lot of interests:  

"I like to play golf, football, basketball...any type of sport, I really don't care," says Billy.

Billy admits he likes girls, and thinks: "I dunno, it'd be pretty cool if I got adopted by a famous person."

But time and again in talking to Billy and his case worker, it came out that he really wants a father figure to look up to.

"I want a man in the house, that's like um, that gets on my sometimes, well, not all the time, ...I dunno, I just like, want to be part of a family again.....like a real family," admits Billy.

"He needs somebody to teach him how to play ball, he needs somebody that's going to teach him proper dating habits, he needs somebody to teach him how to drive a car eventually... And somebody to teach him how to be successful in his life," says Tracie.

Billy would like to be able to stay in touch with his two older sisters, but he's free and ready for adoption.

If you'd like to get started in the process of being Billy's family, please contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.
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