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Two Sisters Deserve an Adoptive Home Together

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Katie Katie
Brittany Brittany
Two happy sisters Two happy sisters
Katie with  Dave Katie with Dave

(May 19) -- Adoption specialists are doing everything they can these days to keep sibling sets together.  That's certainly the challenge with this Wednesday's Child story.

We have two sisters -- there's a brother, too -- but he declined to be in this story. And once you get to know Brittany and Katie, you'll understand why they all want to be together. They're delightful, healthy, well-balanced  and just all around nice kids.

The first thing you'll have to have is get-up-and-go just to keep up with 'em, especially Brittany.

Most of the time older sister Katie just shakes her head, and accepts her sister as a busy-body.  “She’s crazy,” Katie observes.  “There she goes climbing again,” as Katie and Dave watch Brittany make her way around a jungle gym.

In truth Brittany is just very spirited.  She can be engaging and she's always anxious to please.  Overall, she's a sweet kid who is certainly talkative.

On the other hand, Katie is often happy to let her little sister steal the limelight and sometimes even mothers her.  “Don't do that,” says Katie, watching Brittany get in upside-down trouble on the monkey bars.

Of the two, Katie is the more independent and quiet.  She's doing great in school, and is well behaved and mild-mannered.

“My favorite food is spaghetti, and my favorite dessert is ice cream," offers Katie.

For all their differences, Katie and Brittany are bonded through and through.  Their foster dad says they obviously love each other and want to stay together with parents who can offer the right combination of qualities.

"…Kind, loving, fair; just somebody that they're going to be safe with, to know that they can live everyday of their lives without having to fear of being physically harmed or emotionally harmed,” says Marty, Katie and Brittany’s foster father.

This is about as good as an adoption can get. Don't be put off by their age. No, their not infants, but 12-year-old Katie and 12-year-old Brittany are good kids, and they are easy to parent.

If you think you'd like to give it a try, call the Adoption Exchange at 800-451-5246 to get the process going. 


Remember, there’s an older brother as part of this sibling set. James is 14, and you’ll want to meet him as well if you’re thinking about adopting the sisters, ‘cause they all deserve to be together.

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