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Nevada Makes Top 10 List

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LAS VEGAS -- Nevada is now ranked among the top 10 states in the country when it comes to the number of start-ups setting up shop.

CNN listed Nevada as the 7th most entrepreneurial state because of the number of technology firms that have opened up in the Silver State and the friendly business tax climate.

"From the pool of labor to inexpensive overhead, this is a fantastic place for an e-commerce company," said Brad Howard, CEO of Trendnation.

Howard brought his business from Cleveland, Ohio to Las Vegas three years ago. At that time, there were only four employees. The company sells everything from cuff links to solar panel lights. Trendnation's staff has tripled and the company is company is making $10 million a year.

"I think it's a great city to bring in business and to grow," Howard said.

"We are seeing an emergence of tech industry that we've never seen before," Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller said.

He said, low taxes and affordable real estate, make Nevada an appealing business destination. He does add the big challenge for many entrepreneurs, especially in technology, is finding workers with right skills for the job.

"Until we invest heavily in higher education in those sectors, we are never able to compete," Miller said.

Web developer Gabriel Shepherd is working to attract more entrepreneurs to Las Vegas. He's recruiting local start-ups to showcase the city and tech community at the South by Southwest Music and Technology Festival in Austin, Tx. next year.

"We got an entrepreneurial spirit, we got a 24-hour city and we got a sense of community. All these things, you put them together, it's a hotbed for success," Shepherd said.

The popular online shoe seller Zappos is one success story inspiring many local entrepreneurs to make the leap. Shepherd took a chance a few years ago with his online company and now he hopes to motivate others to follow in his footsteps.

"We want everybody to succeed. We don't just say that, we actually help each other," he said.

Another reason why Nevada places high on the entrepreneurial list is because of the high unemployment rate. Experts say when people are out of work, they are more likely to start a business.

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