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06/06/2012 Brianna Loves Animals. Love Her?

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Wednesday's child today is Brianna... A 9-yr-old who loves animals...even snakes.  But right now all she's seeking is someone to love her.

Almost 10, but Brianna had never been on ice skates before.

She was extremely wary about it...even with an ice-walker to lean on... It was slow going.  Notice  Dave is not on skates, so he couldn't offer much by way of example...just encouragement.

Brianna took it all in stride, though...she's a lovely girl with a winning attitude.

"She's....very outgoing...she loves to read, she loves music, all the oldies, she's really good about memorizing lyrics, and she makes up her own songs too...she loves animals...loves animals...she would wanna be an animal in another life," says Lluvia, her wrap-around case worker.

"Dogs, horses...snakes...(snakes?) water snakes (what about spiders?)  oooo! Says Brianna, in reaction to Dave's questions about what animals she likes.

Once we got off the ice, Brianna was drawn to the games.  She keeps a tough schedule when she gets home from school.

"I go take a nap, (and then?)...wake up and eat, then go to sleep again..and then wake up and watch TV, and then play video games," explains Brianna.

Brianna needs a home with a lot of structure.  Parents who will be patient and loving.

"Um, you know...two parents that can love her and meet her needs, and she loves to hang out with kids, so if there were kids in the home, that works out too," says Lluvia. "But she just needs you know, she just needs someone that is willing to, you know, go all the way with her, and just...meet her needs."

Briana has no health issues and is eager to please.  If you think there might be room in your heart and your home for this lovely girl, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.
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