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5/23/12 Family of Four In Search of Parents

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Wednesday's Child today is a sibling set of 3 brothers and a sister -- a tight-knit group that is *not living together... But really should be -- in a permanent adoptive home.

We're at Putt-Park, but the golf is just backdrop...just an excuse to be together.  

Because when they are all together, it's fun to behold.

"They're still together as a family, there's still a bond, they call each other all the time...they stay in contact with each other," says Chris, a care worker at a local group home where the kids stayed at one time.

Dominic is the oldest...he's in high school, and has always been on the lookout for the other three.

"He's very very important in their lives, like they look up to him, they've had to lean on him for a lot of things, you know, so he's their strong strong support system..even when he's not around they still talk about him and think about him all the time," says Chris.

Next oldest is Isaiah, an energetic 10-yr-old 

"Isaiah, he, he's the tough guy I think in the family (laughs)...I think he wants to always win," admits Chris.

Julien is only one year younger than Isaiah...an uber-smart 9 yr-old who spoke well on behalf of his siblings:

"Um, we really love each other...we, we want to be together, and um, we all love to do the same hobbies, except for her," says Julien with a chuckle.

"Her" is Delcie... The 8 year old heart of the whole group.

"Delcie is like the oak of the whole family, like she's stronger than all the boys..she never has issues, she's smart," says Chris.

"The perfect home would be someone who believes in them, someone that they can really get them to trust, um, um, build that trust with 'em, cause when you do that they will far supersede your expectations, and they will love you like no other.  They need, just uh, uh, a chance," adds Chris.

Chris told me all four of these kids are good artists...  And they're very well-balanced and affectionate.

If you'd like to consider this sibling set for your family, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.
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