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Malachi Manages Major Mandalay Marine Material

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(May 12) -- Wednesday's Child is back at Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef attraction this week, but only the sharks are the same. The child is different. This time Dave is here to introduce us to Malachi (Mal'-uh-keye).

Shark Reef is a big place. So what we didn't see with Jason last week, we covered with Malachi this time 'round and Malachi just took it all in with a kind of quiet appreciation.  

He's a well-adjusted 9-year-old hoping beyond hope for a forever family. Malachi was determined to see every living creature in all the exhibits. He was willing to take his time, but he wasn't always willing to get real close.

Dave was told Malachi is shy at first meeting, but they got along fine from the get-go. The best word to describe him is polite. He's in a good foster home, and the family says he's respectful, sensitive and listens well.

"He's just got these big eyes, they just kinda look right through you," says his caseworker, Mary.

Mary's been Malachi's caseworker for long enough to know what a sweet kid he is, and how much he's been through. For all that, she says, he's very well adjusted, but sometimes likes to be a loner.

"He basically likes to be on his own. And he likes to play with action figures, toys. Right now he's in a karate class and he likes it. He likes it and he's so excited to go there, and he goes 3 times a week," says Mary.

Malachi got a kick out of the rain forest and couldn't take his eyes off the alligator. He's a bright student and has no medical problems -- just has a real wish for a permanent family.

"He would be really good with a single parent or a couple that would be able to give him a lot of attention, like him the only in the family, or probably a brother or sister," says his caseworker.

Malachi is typical of almost all the children we feature on Wednesday's Child in that he needs a family and stability, yes, but above that, just consistency and love. And on top of all of this, he even eats all his fruits and vegetables.   

If you think you can give Malachi the home he needs, call the Adoption Exchange at 800-451-5246.

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