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05/02/12 Alissa Will Win Your Heart

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A bright-faced 9-yr-old girl hoping for a permanent home is today's Wednesday's Child.  Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Alissa.

Alissa joined us a Grimaldi's Restaurant with a sibling set of three you'll meet next week...but oddly enough she knows them already:

"Boys and girls club...it's pretty awesome there," says Alissa.

Alissa is just a great kid with a wonderful attitude.  

"She does have a great personality...Alissa is a sweet little girl, just like with her eyes.... She's a little girl that just wants love, she's been through a lot," says Gina, an adoption recruiter with Clark County's Division of Family Services.

We found out Alissa used to have very long hair, but just recently donated it all to locks of love.

"Because I didn't really like long hair, because it's hard to brush, so we decided to cut my hair," explains Alissa.

"If this is a little girl in the place that she is, and she's able to also think about other kids and donate her hair...wow!..we definitely need to find her a home," exclaims Gina.

Alissa would fit in well anywhere,  and while she's in a good foster home right now... She needs a forever family.

"It's not a permanent place for her, they lover her very much, but they're not a permanent resource, so we would like to find Alissa a home,  that would love to love her...we don't want her to stay in foster care very long....because she's just a great kid," says Gina.

Alissa is hoping to continue seeing some of her siblings who are not being adopted with her.
If that's ok with you, and you can find a place in your heart and your home for Alissa, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.
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