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04/18/12 Four Boys and 4 Times the Love

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Wednesday's Child is seeking an adoptive family today that has always wanted boys.  Why?  because we have a sibling set of four handsome brothers...ages 10 through 6 who need a permanent home.

We're at Springs Preserve playground - the perfect place for these guys to blow off some excess energy, and they didn't disappoint.

But like you, I had a hard time telling them apart, 'cause they were all dressed the same.  So I actually got them to sit still long enough for them to introduce them to you.

...And yes, you did hear right.  Two of them are twins...Branden and Brenden...even harder to tell them apart.  But their foster mother says they're like night and day:

"Brandon is the quieter of the two, and he'll just sob if he breaks your heart, he thinks he's done something wrong, and it just breaks his heart," says Tricia, their foster mother.

"Brenden, is the controller of everybody and everything, but he is just smart as a whip, and just kind kind..he is a busy busy guy....give him something to do outside and he will play and play, but sit him down inside, and he'll be climbing walls," adds Tricia.

Lets jump to the older boys, now.  Jaden is the next up the list at 7.

"Jaden is a professor we call him...he has an opinion about everything,  he, (chuckles), and if he doesn't know he wants to learn about it," says Tricia.

And the oldest, Jariell is glad he doesn't have to be the "dad" anymore.

"Jariell is a sweetheart, he's just...he's so loving, he wants to sit and he asks me, can I come and give you love?" admits Tricia.

Now that you've all met them individually, you should know how important it is that they all stay together in an adoptive home.

"I think ultimately they would do best in a well-structured home...give them boundaries, don't let them get away with "oh, they're just being boys"," says Tricia.

All four boys are hoping for a home with pets...and great parents, of course!

If you're interested, please contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.  And you can call right now.
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