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04/11/12 Trio of Brothers Will Wow You!

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A threesome of brothers make up our Wednesday's Child today.   Our only warning is you'll need a lot of energy to keep up with 'em...and they must stay together as a trio.

When we caught up with Mario, Larry, and Azyule, they were entrenched in the sand playground at the Springs Preserve... What you'll notice right off the bat is all the energy of the middle brother -- Larry... The guy with the big smile, and non-stop motion.

"He's been recently diagnosed with high anxiety and stress orders, so you have to kind of know him and understand his personality and character to be able to work with him," says Alga, his foster mother.

Oldest brother Mario has plenty of smiles too, and is learning to be a kid...instead of playing father.

"But in my home, I'll allow him to go and play, and not have the responsibility...he can be a boy...he can be an eight-yr-old child going with his friends, instead of trying to be their father," adds Alga.

Rounding out the three is youngest Azyule...who is pretty laid back and lovable unless Larry is around.

"Azyule can be active sometimes, but it's usually led by Larry...as he tries to follow with Larry...but just by himself, he usually just sits, and looks, he loves to eat, he loves to eat (laughs)," admits Alga.

The Clark County Division of Family Services wants to see that they're adopted together:

"I want a home that can keep up with the 3 of them, a home that is willing to accept all 3 for their very distinct personalities, for their likes and dislikes, for the good times and the tough times," says Tracie, and adoption recruiter for the county.

These three would be a blessing to any home willing to show them love and commitment.
If you'd like to get started in the adoption process...call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.
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