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04/04/12 Johnathan is 12...A Crucial Age For a Young Man

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Today's Wednesday's Child is hoping the next 12 years are better than his first 12... You could help with that by considering bringing Jonathan into your home.

We're at the Springs Preserve checkin' out the desert wildlife.  John is into it.  He likes science, and seems to know a lot about the critters here.  He's a quiet with new friends at first, but who could blame him?

"He's shy...he's shy in the beginning," explains Phyllis, his foster mother.

You'd never know John has had a lot of family disappointments in life...he carries it well, but inside he has dreams for himself:

"Um, I wanna be a football player, or I wanna do graphic organizer on the computer," says John.

Despite the wide difference in those career choices, it's likely Johnathan will be a success.

"He's very inquisitive, he learns fast, uh, he's eager to please, he likes to please...fast, fast learner.  I told him he could be anything he wanted to be.  You know, it's up to him, it's in his hands," adds Phyllis.

Especially his talent for drawing:

"He's really into the graphic arts, like he said, you know, he really enjoys that, he gets on the computer, and...yeah, he just loves it," explains Phyllis.

Johnathan is open to almost any family that would give him a chance.

"I know that he really wants to be adopted...he wants a loving home and a caring home.  A lot of one-on-one...where he got a lot of attention... Somewhere with animals, he loves animals," adds Phyllis.

Legally, John is free and clear for adoption.
If you think there's room in your heart and your home for this outstanding youngster, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.
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