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03/28/12 Delecia and Melelah are Sisters Needing Someone

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Wednesday's Child today is a pair of sisters who don't know anything else but foster care.  Yet, they still very much want the love and commitment of a permanent home.  Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Meleah and Delecia

At the pole position go-kart racing place, Meleah and Delicia meet me for the first time, and they wonder why they're being recorded on video.  Then they start playing up to the camera.

These two are inseparable, but clearly they love the impending competition on the racetrack.

"They can fight like any sisters fight, but then they have each others' back, they love each other, they love being together, um, and they can just be great sisters, too," says Tracie, and adoption recruiter for the Clark County Division of Family Services

Delecia is the older of the two...now eleven...she's the go getter:

"She is athletic, competitive, loves basketball...loooves basketball, wants to win... And she someday hopes to travel to Hawaii and China," explains Tracie.

Younger sister Meleah is 9, but sometimes takes over:

"Meleah is quieter, she's a leader, she's loves, she has great leadership qualities," adds Tracie.

Despite they're energy, they've both had plenty of disappointment in their young lives.

"They've had a lot of sadness in their lives, um, people that have, not committed to them, and they need committed parents," admits Tracie.

Moving forward, they need loving parents who won't fail them.

"A home that won't give up,...parents that will stick to them, no matter how much they test you, how much they try you, 'cause no matter what, they're aren't going to believe that a parent is gonna be there," says Tracie.

Delecia and Meleah are a matched pair and must be adopted together.  They are legally free for adoption.  If you're interested, you can get started in the adoption process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.
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