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Police Aim to Educate Public About Motorcycle Safety

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LAS VEGAS - Motorcycles speeding and racing on our roads, weaving in and out of traffic can have dangerous results. For the next two weeks, Metro Police will hold a distracted driver and motorcycle safety campaign to help make our roads safer.

The latest motorcycle crash happened Wednesday. The rider had to have his leg amputated on the scene by medics. Metro says speed was a factor when the motorcycle collided with a Mercedes. The rider suffered critical injuries.

Police hope lessons can be learned from accidents like that one. Motorcycle riders and automobile drivers can take steps to prevent accidents.

Authorities say the biggest problem is when a car makes a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. The driver often doesn't see the motorcycle, because of its small size. Police say drivers often don't look far enough ahead and forget to check their blind spots for motorcycles before changing lanes.

When motorcycles are to blame in these crashes, Metro says speed often plays a role.

"We've had a number of unnecessary deaths that were speed related, and some of these young men in particular go get these extraordinarily fast bikes," said Metro Police Officer Marcus Martin. "What's a young man going to do with a fast motorcycle? So, we've seen a lot of those tragic incidents."

Police say some motorcycle riders also split lanes – or squeeze between lanes of traffic. That's illegal in Nevada. Police also remind all riders to wear their helmets.

Compared with last year, motorcycle deaths in Metro's jurisdiction are down 30 percent. Police say, however, one death is one too many.

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