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Unemployed Turning Down Jobs

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LAS VEGAS -- A large number of unemployed Nevadans are declining job offers. Staffing agencies say they're ready to hire, but they have a hard time filling positions because they don't pay enough.

It's actually illegal to turn down a job while on unemployment, but believe it or not, people are still doing it. They may have their reasons, but the reality is they risk their benefits getting cut off.

"It's depressing when people don't really want to work and they'd rather take advantage of the system," said branch manager Stacey Lees.

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There are 300 customer service jobs, 50 labor jobs, and others up for grabs. But for some, starting at $11 an hour isn't enough.

"Are they the ideal, Cadillac positions?  No. But is it a position you can start in, work your way up with a company, go permanent and have a job possibly for the rest of your life," said Lees.

The Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation says anyone offered a job that is collecting unemployment benefits must take it. If you do not, they consider it fraud and a person's benefits could be cut off.

If you are offered a job that is far from your skill set, you can contact the state and file an appeal. They may let you pass up the position, but you have to be forthcoming about it. Officials are doing random checks and if you are caught, you will be in trouble.

A job may mean sacrifice, but job experts say everyone has to start somewhere.

"It's a door that's been open to you and you should not pass up that opportunity to walk through that open door," said Mae Worthey with DETR.

It is also important to remember, unemployment will not last forever. Right now, the maximum time is 99 weeks, but it will be cut to 73 weeks in September.

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