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12-Year-Old Kathryne Will Steal Your Heart

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(Apr. 21) -- Each foster child in the county is unique, but they all share one thing; they all need a permanent place to call home.  Kathryne is unique, but she blended right in with all the other kids at the Circus-Circus AdventureDome the other day when we were there.

Kathryne has some special needs, but the more time you spend with her, the more you realize her greatest need is for a loving family.  All the noise and hubbub at the AdventureDome didn't faze Kathryne. Partly because she takes things in stride, but also because she has hearing loss -- something her adoptive family will have to adjust to.

"They have to be able to understand that she's got hearing impairments and be rather patient about that.  M ake sure that she's looking at them when they're talking. Just kind of make sure that she's paying attention,” says Danielle, Kathryne’s caseworker.

Kathryne has some other medical needs, but nothing that's not manageable with medicine and regular doctor's care.  Overall, she's a sweet child; lots of spunk, inquisitive; loves to play, and is very affectionate -- almost to a fault.


"It's generally a good thing, but with Kathryne, it can be overly so we have to be very cautious about that.  Family members, parents need to be very watchful of her to make sure she doesn’t just go up to any stranger and go with them," adds Danielle.

Kathryne didn't want to talk to us on camera.  She's a little small for her age and does attend special education classes in the 4th grade. But this is a little girl with loads of potential.

"She functions very well as a member of anybody's family. She has come along way since I've known her in the past couple of years," says Danielle.

Kathryne has older siblings, and maintaining contact with them is important to her. So if you want to be her family, you would need to allow for that.


To get going with adopting Kathryne, call the Adoption Exchange here in Las Vegas. The number is 436-6335.


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