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Man Accused of Biting the Lip of Ex-Girlfriend

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LAS VEGAS - A man with a history of beating up women and biting off their lips is behind bars. His ex-girlfriend says she'll sleep better knowing the same man who allegedly abused and tried to kill her is off the streets.

This is the second round on similar charges at Clark County Detention Center for 27-year-old Roberto Flores. His ex-girlfriend 22-year-old Victoria Silva hopes he'll stay in jail for good after he allegedly bit off a chunk of her lip.

"I was really scared. I was really scared. I thought to myself, ‘I'm living with a crazy person,'" she said. "I was just trying to fight back, but I couldn't. He was really strong. I guess (I was) trying to save my life. He bit my upper lip. He chewed it off… We never found the lip, so he ate it I'm assuming."

For three months, Silva has been wearing surgical masks to hide her lips. Although her mouth is healing, the emotional damage is permanent. Victoria says when she tried to end her relationship with Flores in January, he snapped. She accuses him of beating her up, banging her head against a toilet, then biting her face, nose, and lips.

Flores' version of what happened is different. He says he blacked out from partying, but also admits to biting off Victoria's lip and the lip of his ex-wife.

"It's not on purpose," he said during a jailhouse interview. "It's not an accident. It's just a trauma that I have, that I've never been treated for this trauma. I was raised up in a violent environment, watching my dad beat up on my mom, beat us up physically and verbally and also as well with my little brothers."

Flores says his actions are part childhood trauma and part fetish. In 2008, he was convicted of biting off 80 percent of his ex-wife's lip. He was sentenced to seven years, but served seven months.

When he got out, he met Victoria and they dated several months. Victoria says the night he bit off her lip, he refused to take her to the hospital unless she promised not to press charges. In fear of her life, she agreed and eventually reported it to police.

Victoria also says she's pregnant with Flores' baby.

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