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Available Twins are Twice the Challenge, Twice the Charm

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Antonio Antonio
Austin Austin

(Mar. 31) -- Even if you were considering adoption, you probably weren't thinking about twins.  But you might after seeing these two boys. Each has a double-dose of personality and charm.

Antonio and Austin are both 7 years old, and they are absolutely the real deal -- a package deal -- that requires a double adoption, with twice the reward. 

First, let's get this straight -- Austin with the striped shirt, is the older brother.

"Are you the older one?"  Dave asks.  "Yeah, by a few minutes," says Austin, but both point at themselves in answer to Dave's question.  Austin continues, though,  "I came out first, he was second."

Well.....as you might imagine, Antonio -- in the red shirt -- might dispute that  But it really doesn't matter, 'cause they're as close as can be, and they almost never get in each other's way.

"So you guys are always nice to each other...?" Dave asks.  "Uh-huh," says Antonio.  "'Never get into arguments?"  "No," says Antioni.  "Sometimes," says Austin.  "But it's not a big deal," he adds.

"They're both healthy children, and they're both very well adjusted children considering, ya kow, what they've been through," says Ella, their foster mother.

She means the previous 7 foster homes they were in before coming to her house to live.   But now they're both hitting their stride, making good grades in school, and helping around the home. All the while, discovering their independence.

"Antonio is a very out spoken individual, very outgoing type of individual, very strong minded, very strong minded, but very lovable," says Ella.

"Austin is kind of, OK, I can take it or leave it....because to him life is him and his brother, and that's how he sees it...he's the uh, I guess he's the caregiver," says Ella.

Still these two brothers very much want to be adopted, and Ella has some strong ideas about who they should be.

"Their parents would have to be very loving parents, very committed parents, with these boys they've have to be in a structured home. They're not throw-away kids, they're worth something, and give them the opportunity to get out there in the world, and say, hey, we can do this," says Ella.

Antonio and Austin are eager to please, and very affectionate.   Great kids.   If you'd like to jump in and make these twins part of your family, call the Adoption Exchange here in Las Vegas at 436-6335...they'll be happy to answer your questions.

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