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Scorpion Season Settles on Southern Nevada

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LAS VEGAS -- The warmer temperatures of spring bring out the bugs, including one of the most venomous scorpions in the country. The bark scorpion is found all around the Las Vegas valley.

Grady Jones is an entomologist and exterminator for Western Exterminators. He says the scorpions are multiplying around southern Nevada. He says they are taking over the number one spot from common pests like ants and cockroaches.

"We are seeing a lot of calls come in because during the spring and fall that is mating season for scorpions," Jones said. "So, if you see one, chances are you are going to have more."

Dr. Devon Moore with University Medical Center says a scorpion sting may only cause a small reaction in adults. He says in children or seniors could suffer a much more serious reaction, including possible death.

"They can be very dangerous, especially to women and children, mainly children under the age of 5. The theory has a lot to do with bodyweight. Because [children] have such a low body weight, and the amount of venom that is in these scorpions to a regular size adult is very minimal," Moore said.

He does recommend that anyone stung by a scorpion go to an emergency room, especially if the victim is in a lot of pain and there is a lot of swelling.

Scorpions can easily move from outdoors to indoors. Exterminators recommend trimming bushes and trees to keep them from touching the house, which will keep the arachnids from reaching roofs or patios. They also recommend sealing doors with weather stripping.

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