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Clark County Schools: Jobs in Budget Jeopardy

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LAS VEGAS -- Budget woes continue for the Clark County School District, as another year brings another round of cuts.

Revenue is down only $7 million this year, a big improvement from last year. But since 2007, CCSD has slashed about $500 million from the budgets, and teacher jobs still hang in the balance.

CCSD hopes property taxes don't decrease any more because that also hits their bottom line. But they were not expecting water rates and fuel costs to skyrocket. Combined, water and fuel adds $8 million in extra expense to the budget, which means some buildings won't get repaired as quickly or textbooks ordered.

CCSD is asking for $64 million in concessions from the teachers union. If that doesn't happen, 1,000 to 1,500 teachers could be laid off. 

"All we're asking for is to freeze employee salaries where they were at the end of last year. If we're able to get that for this year and next year, we'll be able to get by with minimal budget reductions," said CCSD Chief Financial Officer Jeff Weiler.

CCSD and the teachers union have been in a third party arbitration since late last year, and a judgment is expected later this month.

The trustees have to approve a final budget next month before sending it to the state in early June.

The teacher's union released a statement saying, "We are very disappointed with the tentative 2012-2013 budget adopted by the School Board of Trustees at this morning's meeting. They have chosen to increase class size an average of 3 to 4 students per classroom. It is disturbing that the Trustees opted to make such an important decision without parent or community input, and without input from those involved in the delivery of education. In a time when nearly 10,000 high school seniors will not be graduating, the Trustees have elected to further decrease classroom resources."

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