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Charming 10-year-old is Inquisitive and Available

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(Mar. 25) -- Tonight's Wednesday's Child is 10 years old, old enough to qualify him as a "special needs" child. That's kind of a tough label to carry around, and in Jacob's case, it really doesn't do him justice. This guy's got a truckload of potential, and only a thimble-full of "special needs".  

Dave and Jacob met in the exercise rooms at the YMCA, a place to work the body. But Jacob's mind was going like 60, trying to understand the possibilities.

"What's this one do?" he kept asking, as he went from machine to machine.

Above all, Jacob is very curious, intelligent and focused. Dave had to drag him from one machine to the next with great reluctance on his part, unless he was getting tired.

"I'm ready to quit," Jacob said from a still-moving treadmill.

Jacob's had his share of hard knocks in life. It's left him quiet, aloof, and socially delayed.

"He has a lot of memories, and they're not always good, so somebody who could just make him feel comfortable about talking about that," says Betsy, his Social Worker.

But there's still plenty of boyish charm under this mop of hair, and Jacob clearly understands why we were visiting.

"Do you know why you're on TV today?" Dave asked.  

"... 'Cause I'm going to be adopted, " said Jacob. 

"Do you know what adopted means?" said Dave. 

"Yeah, a person fills out papers, and then I go to the house ... but first they have to go to court," answered Jacob. 

"But do you know what that means to you?" asks Dave.  

"I get to go out and have a real family," observes Jacob. 

"Are you excited about that?" Dave asks. 

"I just can't wait till I get adopted," said Jacob.

With love, this is a child who could thrive.

"He's very intelligent, he knows lots of different things, he loves to learn, he loves to read. He responds very well to reward and positive attention and praise. He's a very easy-to-please child," says Betsy.

You could begin the process of adopting Jacob right now.  He's free and clear. So to start, 
call the Adoption Exchange here in Las Vegas at 436-6335 . They'll be happy to answer your questions.

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