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Ticketometer Aims to Help Venues and Bands

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LAS VEGAS -- It can be difficult to fathom attending a live performance without having to go through Ticketmaster but a technology-driven startup is building toward the day it will handle ticket sales on and off the Strip.

Ticketometer, which went online last summer, is the brainchild of brothers Ardon and Jaron Lukasiewicz, part of the wave of bright young minds who have set up shop downtown.

In an interview Wednesday, 24-year-old Ardon said the company, which also includes three other employees in addition to his brother, is looking to base itself in Las Vegas and turn a profit within its first year.

Ticketometer, pronounced ticket-ah-meh-ter, bills itself as a creative online ticketing platform "with concepts that incentivize ticket sales."

For a live venue operator and event organizer that could mean a dazzling event web page that draws the attention of potential customers while also giving the venue detailed analysis of ticket sales. Fans can see how close a concert is to selling out.

The company also has developed ways for venue operators to sell tickets faster at ticket windows..

"We specialize in creative ticket sales so we're all about responding to their needs," Ardon said. "I'd even call it unprecedented customer service. You'll only see upfront costs on our website, so it's not like an airline where they try to tack on more and more fees."

The company, which operates Ticketometer.com, says it avoids "greedy cost structures and focuses on what truly matters; tickets sold and ticket price retention." Ardon said his company empathizes with event organizers who have production and overhead costs to worry about.

Another service offered by the company would give bands the opportunity to cancel performances if ticket sales don't reach a certain minimum within, say, three weeks of the scheduled concert date. That means a fan who uses a credit card to reserve a ticket won't be charged unless the minimum sales target is reached.

"If you have a band and you want to test out a market, you can set up a group of concerts and you can set up minimums for each one," Ardon said. "For a band or venue it removes a lot of the monetary risks."

Ticketometer also promises that fans, artists and event organizers can discuss the live event on Twitter directly from the event page. This increases the virality, free marketing opportunities and traction of each show or event.

Ardon Lukasiewicz of Ticketometer.com
Ardon Lukasiewicz of Ticketometer.com discusses his startup at The Beat Coffeehouse in Downtown Vegas.

Armed with a finance degree from Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., Ardon worked as a financial analyst for MGM Resorts International's CityCenter before setting up his own company.

"It helped me become a lot more detail oriented and it gave me direction on where I want to take my company," Ardon said of MGM. "Everyone on our team is all in on this."

Having grown up playing the French horn and picking up other instruments along the way, including bass guitar and trumpet, Ardon is a big music fan with tastes ranging from Electric Daisy Carnival offerings to Mozart. He has an appreciation for what it takes for venues and bands to pull off successful performances.

"I want to do every event in Las Vegas," he said. "I'll work on the hotels one by one by providing value. No event in Las Vegas is too big or too small, and we take every client seriously."

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