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Local Rally for Trayvon Martin

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LAS VEGAS -- The shooting death of Florida teen, Trayvon Martin, has led to what hundreds are calling the Rally For Justice, here in Las Vegas. The rally took place near Colorado Avenue and Third Street in downtown Sunday afternoon.

Martin was gunned down in February by a neighborhood watch captain, who says he shot him in self defense last month.

This case has gotten nationwide attention, even President Obama spoke about it earlier this week. People in Las Vegas say this shooting could have happened anywhere.

People showed up holding signs and wearing hoodies to show their support for 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

"I just want to accomplish awareness for the local community," said Bobbie Mullins, who owns the property where the rally took place.

Rachelle Luster organized the rally and was able to get this turnout with just two days notice because many people can relate to his story.

"We are local people, we are local citizens just like Trayvon was. It could have happened to any of our family members. So I think that us collectively as a community should stand."

Mullins says she is blown away by the turnout. She says nearly 400 people showed up and many people wear wearing hoodies just like Trayvon had been when he was shot and killed.

Event supporter, Nolo Galindo said, "I think that as people of color we do feel the racism and we can identify with that and that's why we are here."

Nolo says he believes race played a big part in the shooting. But others, including Mullins, says, regardless of why it happened, she thinks rallies like this one will go a long way in raising awareness to racial issues in our community.

People at the rally said they will be watching this case very closely.

Sanford Florida Police are still investigating the shooting.

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