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3/21/12 Moriante is a Thoughtful Child Needing a Family

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You'd never guess today's Wednesday's Child has ever had a rough time in life.  He has a winning smile and plenty of potential... And he's pretty good at driving go-karts, too as Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Moriante.

"From the moment we walked in the door, I could tell we were making this 9-yr-old's dreams come true.  Everything from the orientation, to the helmet sizing, to being patient before the flag went down...Moriante was excited.... But all with a sense of acceptance.

"He's always been curious, but he's always kinda weighed things out, you know, and um, just going along with, you know, what has to be done," says Crosby, Moriante's foster father.

Crosby says Moriante is a people person with a great sense of right 'n' wrong.

"The kid has a conscience, you know, and I've felt it from the get-go...like if he make a mistake or do something, you can see that he's, he thought about it, and he knows that might've been a little wrong at the time," adds Crosby.

Moriante is making A's and B's in school...loves football and basketball, and has his own routine when he gets home in the afternoon.

"I do my homework...and, well, I do my homework, and then I read for 20 minutes, and then I go to my room and watch TV or play," says Moriante.

Moriante wants brothers or sisters...pets...and someone who will take him to Disneyland eventually.

"He's just, cautious, you know, goes along with the program...and uh, he'll be a good leader one day, right now he's more of a follower," mentions Crosby.

Family services is seeking some permanency for Moriante.

If you think your home could be a resource, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.
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