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3/14/2012 Sibling Set of Five Previously on Wed's Child...Now Adopted!

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We often bring you the story of sibling sets on Wednesday's Child.  Last April, we focused on 5 brothers and sisters, and crossed our fingers that someone would notice.  Someone did... And today they are officially a family.

Many of you may remember these faces... A day at Lorenzi Park with this close-knit group of five.  Deron, Kalob, Autumn, Belauna, and Hayden.  At the time, big brother Deron told us then they were hoping for parents who were nice.

Josh and Anne-Marie were watching that day on Channel-8, and had an immediate reaction.

"They were an energetic group...as you described them,  we were so excited, we fell in love right away...yeah we started shopping bunk beds the next day...even if it wasn't official, we wanted this group, says Anne-Marie, the new adoptive mother.

About a month later, they actually met the group and saw their picture at the Heart Gallery.

"So we were able to introduce ourselves to 'em, get to play with them a little bit through the heart gallery, and it just felt great right at the beginning...and the kids were just so resilient and so loving.  It just felt perfect," explains the new adoptive parents.

In short order, the kids were living with Josh and Anne-Marie conditionally... But then yesterday, the new parents, and all their extended family, sisters, moms 'n' dads, cousins, even great-grandma came to court for the official swearing in.

In minutes, what these children had waited for years to happen, and what this couple prayed for in their lives, became official...one big happy -- and legal -- adoptive family.

"Still a very big adjustment to go from just her and I to having a full home... Sometimes I think it was a harder adjustment sometimes for us, but it was so worth it, and just getting to know them, and them getting to know us, sure it's a slower process...but it's just, it's wonderful," explains Josh...the new adoptive father.

"We go through 30 bananas every couple days...I mean, really it's been a natural process for us, and easier than I expected for us," adds Anne-Marie.

"Everyone is different, but there's such joy...in being able to...uh...help children that you know, are looking for someone... And then there's so much joy for them, being in my life, and helping me...and that's what I love," says Josh.

Luckily, Josh and Anne-Marie have a house with 4 bedrooms, and plenty of room

If you're thinking about adoption, please consider an older child or a sibling group.  Call the office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.
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