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3/7/2012 Christian is Young and Ready for a Family

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At the age of four years, today's Wednesday's Child is one of the youngest children we've had on lately, and he's a real joy.  Dave Courvoisier is here to introduce us to Christian.

We're at Pole Position again this week, but young Christian doesn't meet the size standards to drive the cars, so we headed for the video games, and Christian immediately gravitated to the shooting games...pink gun or not.

"Christian has a lot of energy...um, he's high energy, he's high spunk, he loves attention, he loves affection, he loves video games...he's just a very generous, loving, sweet little boy," says Vickie, an adoption recruiter with the County's Division of Family Services.

I finally got Christian interested in other video distractions, and found out he is a very attentive kid... A quick learner, and gets along well with others.

"I could also see him doing well with siblings.....he enjoys other kids, he enjoys the interaction, so I could see him doing well with older children...children similar to his age," adds Vickie.

Family Services needs to move forward with finding Christian a permanent home.  He's adaptable, and loves attention.

"You know what, Christian is a very versatile little boy, I could see him doing well with a single-parent, or a two-parent home.  It's rare that we get younger children, so this is a wonderful opportunity for someone to be involved in a child's life very early on...and have an impact for the rest of their lives," mentions Vickie.

Christian has siblings in this area, and we're hoping for a family that won't mind letting Christian see them once in a while.  

He is free for adoption, and you can get started with the process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335
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