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2/29/12 Troy and Skylene Are a Perfect Pair

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For the next month, we'll be bringing you Wed's Child from Pole Position -- a go-kart racing place that's a magnet for kids...especially today's brother-sister pair:  Troy and Skylene.

You will almost never find these two apart from each other.  All the while we were distracted with the noise and the activity of pole position , Troy and Skylene stayed close to each other.

"They are.....they're just...depend on each other, brother and sister, but they're closer than what you think most brothers and sisters are...they just really thrive together and love each other a lot," says Marde, an adoption recruitment specialist from the Clark County Department of Family Services.

During the pre-race instructions, getting their helmets, and being fitted in the seat for their go-karts, Skylene and Troy never stopped smiling.  Though he is one year younger than his sister, Troy is the leader.

"Troy is very...he's doing really well, he does excellent in school, he's a very smart little boy.  He's reading at a 4th - 5th grade level," adds Marde.

Skylene loves one-on-one attention, and is caring and helpful.

"She's just very energetic, active, likes to be kept...busy on the go all the time," mentions Marde.

These two get along well with others kids of any age, and would love to have a family with a strong father figure.

"They're just too adorable little kids that need a home where they can get a lot of love and attention, somebody that will be consistent with them, and help them through the difficult times as memories come up and stuff, but somebody that's will always be there for them," says Marde.

Troy and Skylene are free and clear for adoption...and would like to maintain contact with their foster parents.

You can get started in the process of adopting them by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now.  The phone number is 436-6335.
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