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I-Team: Will New LA Law Send the Porn Industry to Las Vegas?

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LAS VEGAS -- Some pornography filming does take place in Las Vegas but it's not highly publicized. Now, a new law in Los Angeles could lead some of the adult film industry to look more closely at Las Vegas.

The I-Team visited the red carpet of an adult movie premier in Hollywood last week. It was there that they asked whether the studios will remain in California or move to Nevada.

Despite the familiar costumes, although it looked like a premier for Star Wars, it was actually Star Wars XXX -- the porn movie. Star Wars XXX is one of the last parties before a new Los Angeles law changes the porn industry. After a 2004 HIV transmission, condoms will now be required on many porn shoots.

SLIDESHOW: Premier Night for Star Wars XXX

"Consumers really aren't interested in movies with condoms. The sales of those movies are much, much lower," said Diane Duke who is with Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry trade group.

"We have government stepping in and telling us how to produce our films. We have government stepping in trying to intervene between sexual behavior between consenting adults. We have government stepping in trying to compel us to create a product that the consumers don't want," Duke said.

Hollywood may consider itself the entertainment capital of the world but parts of the adult industry -- worth billions -- may move to Nevada. Las Vegas is already home to adult video awards and conventions. But it's Hollywood where these decisions are made.

"There's a lot of scenes that are shot already in Las Vegas, under cloak and dagger," said porn director Will Ryder. He added that current restrictions would need to be relaxed to make it easier for the porn industry in Las Vegas.

The producers, directors, and performers in this industry say they are like any other workers.

"Ninety-nine percent of us are all very educated people. We have families that we support, we pay our taxes. We're normal people. We have a normal life. The only difference it is, instead of going to an office and sitting in an office from 9 to 5. We go to a set, where there might be an office and we f--- from 9 to 5," said porn performer James Bartholet.

"I'm a UCLA graduate," porn performer Helly Hellfire said.

Porn earns profits. Profits mean tax revenue and jobs. Nevada has often been known for it's live and let live creed. But with it's stigma and legal challenges, will the porn industry find that home means Nevada?

"I heard the conservatives in Las Vegas don't want us over there. I love Las Vegas, don't get me wrong, I love that city but it's going be very expensive for us to go out there," said Bartholet.

"Whether it's Vegas or another state or city, we're just going to continue to find somewhere, conquer the United States and just show those people that are haters to go eff themselves," porn performer Alexis Ford said.

"If I was Las Vegas, I wouldn't underestimate the drawing power I have and the ability I have to bring people to Las Vegas to shoot adult movies. But it's going to take a consensus effort on the part of Las Vegas to ask us out on a date. That's what's it's going to have to take. We're not going to ask Vegas out on a date. It's got to come the other way," said porn director Will Ryder.

The adult industry seems to be waiting to find out if similar condom laws are enacted throughout Southern California. With a few porn studios already located in Phoenix and Miami, some adult movie companies are looking to those cities as well.

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