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2/15/12 Trumaine is True to His Word

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Dave Courvoisier took advantage of Spring-like weather recently to meet today's Wednesday's Child at the park.    He introduces us to 8 year old "Trumaine".

The weather was right, but the bubbles didn't want to cooperate.   Trumaine and I both gave it our best, but were able to muster only some token bubbles...

And it's not like Trumaine to give up.

"He likes to help me out a lot around the house.   He's my shadow (laughs)," says Lawanda, his foster mother for many months, now....long enough to be really impressed with Trumaine.

"Oh my God,, he is so smart...that little boy is unbelievably smart," admits Lawanda.

Ok, well, how smart -- really - - is Trumaine?

"He's gonna be something extraordinary...I can't figure it out, but I see a big businessman." adds Lawanda.

Ok, that may be, but right now, Trumaine just needs to get to the point where he has a permanent family... Just for him... Someone he can talk to.

"He loves one on one, so we talk a lot, and that's how I get him to open up, and he tells me everything," says Lawanda.

Trumaine wants to take karate, but he likes all sports.   He's helpful around the house, and makes top grades in school.   The only thing missing is a place to grow his heart.

"Once he find his happy place, and he have that love around him, he's good to go," mentions Lawanda.

Nothing stands between trumaine and a successful adoption other than finding the right family.
He's free and clear for adoption.   You can call the Las Vegas office of the Adoption Exchange right now to get started in the process. The number is 436-6335.

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