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02/01/12 Dean , Mariah, and Amanda TOGETHER Need Some Parents

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Wednesday's Child today is a sibling set of three...and each other is all they have -- no other natural family members are available, which is all the more reason they need a permanent home.

June of last year found us at Grimaldi's restaurant enjoying each other's company, and the gift of pizza.   Not long after, we thought we had a match with a family.

"That is correct, when they were originally featured on Wed's Child, we actually did have a potential family that stepped up, and we started the transition, however, about half-way through, we realized that was not a good match for the children, so now we're looking again for Amanda, Dean, and Mariah," says Vickie, an Adoption Recruiter for Clark County's Division of Family Services.

That can be pretty disappointing for young children, but when we met again the other day at the pottery shop, I only sensed that they loved being together.

"If they had to be separated it would be detrimental, I think to our plan, because we really do hope that they can stay together, because at the end of the day they're all that they have left," adds Vickie

Dean is the oldest.   He'll be ten next month, and he misses a male influence.

"Dean would love to be in a house where he can enjoy some of the boy things.   He would love to participate in sports...and I'm not saying he's gonna be the captain of the team, by an stretch of the imagination, but he would love that opportunity to be a part of sports," remarks Vickie.

Mariah is next at 9 years.   The quietest of the three.  

"She's an incredibly sweet child...she's incredibly easy to get along with...she's very mild-tempered, she's just a joy in that way.   She would love to be involved in like theatre, and dance and singing," mentions Vickie.

The youngest, Amanda, is... Well, let's just say she balances out the activity level of the other two.

"She is all energy, she is spunky, that is her entertaining right now behind us, she likes to sing, she loves to be the center of attention, she is very smart little girl," says Vickie.

There's nothing they need that the right adoptive family wouldn't solve.

"It would be very important to find someone that could give them one-on-one attention...and really hone into what is going to benefit each of them individually....to help them progress, because they all truly do want to do the best for you," states Vickie.

These three siblings are free and clear for adoption right now. If you think there's room in your heart and your home for them, get started in the process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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