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Las Vegas Woman Speaks Out About Alleged Groping by Police Officer

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LAS VEGAS -- A Metro police officer is in trouble with the law after allegedly coercing two woman to expose themselves during traffic stops. One of those women is now talking about her ordeal and wondering if there may be other victims.

"I was nervous, I was scared, I didn't know what to do but keep going along with it," said Victoria Murname, alleged victim.

A routine night out with friends became anything but routine when 26-year-old Victoria Murname was pulled over by Metro Police Officer John Norman on Dec. 28, 2011. Murname said she wasn't sure why the officer pulled her over.

"Maybe I didn't stop all the way at the stop sign, maybe I did something wrong. I don't know so I just pulled over," she said.

She claims that the officer asked for her identification, ran her license plate information through a computer, and then asked her to move her car.

"He asked me to pull into the back parking lot of the building that was on the corner."

According to Murname, the officer said he wanted to conduct a field sobriety test. She reluctantly moved the car but was never given the test. Instead, she said that Officer Norman insisted on searching her to make sure she was not hiding marijuana.

"I had to actually pull my shirt up right to about my neck bone and then he never put on a glove."

She says the officer asked her to loosen her bra and also pull that up over her head to expose her breasts. She says the officer then placed his hands on her bare breasts.

"I went to go strap my bra back together and he said 'do you have it?' And I was having a little difficulty. 'I said I'll have my friend do it and he said, no I'll do it for you' and then he buckled my bra back together."

Officer Norman was arrested on Wednesday night.

"It's a sad day when Metro has to make an announcement we've arrested one of our own," Metro Assistant Sheriff Ray Flynn said. "The more than 3,000 commissioned officers we have work diligently, work with integrity, and do a very tough job out there."

Murname says she decided to speak out so she could put a voice and a face to what happened to her.

"My whole purpose in reporting this was to help prevent anything like this from happening in the future with this officer. I can't save the world but I can do something about this particular thing."

Officer Norman is on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the allegations.

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