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Frequent Job Fairs Have Little Impact on Unemployment

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LAS VEGAS -- If job fairs seem to be taking place weekly, why are there so many Las Vegans still out of work?

One expert is calling it a "buyers market" which is good news for employers but not so great for those desperately needing work.

Laqwisha Robers says the hardest thing about going to the job fairs is waiting in long lines but she continues to show, baby in tow, hoping to find employment.

"The people that come out have a better opportunity than those who don't," she said.

But the competition is tough with more people searching for work than companies looking to hire.

"We fight really hard, work relentlessly to get employers, to find employers, that we can get to this event," said Mike Brown,

Brown says when the economy was good, his team could get as many as 90 local companies to fill up a job fair, now they're lucky to get a few dozen.

"Consequently, these employers are looking for the cream of the crop," Brown said.

According to him, unrealistic expectations is another reason for the high unemployment. He says people want jobs that are not available

Twenty-eight-year-old Andrea Ybarra said she moved to Las Vegas five months ago, set on becoming a bartender. Now, things are changing.

"Now, I am looking for whatever. I will be a porter, I will pick up trash, I will clean toilets, I will do anything," she said.

Troy Davis, a mechanic by trade, said he's also becoming less picky with time. He is at the job fair, in hopes of finding any kind of work.

"It's about getting a job that pays the bills, pays the mortgage, keep the lights on. That's what it is about," he said.

Brown says there are some things job seekers can do while at the job fairs to better their chances of employment. He suggests that people network with others who are unemployed as they may be aware a job opening that didn't interest them. Also, talk with the colleges and employment agencies to see if they are hiring. He said being flexible about different jobs is also beneficial.


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