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Documentary Chronicles Mexican Drug War

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LAS VEGAS - Filmmaker Charlie Minn knows "8 Murders a Day" is not your typical blockbuster hit starring A-List celebrities.

"You're not going to see George Clooney or Brad Pitt in this movie. This is an independent film from the heart that I put my life on the line for," he said.

The film chronicles the drug war erupting in the Mexican border town of Juarez. Lives in Juarez are being lost daily. The bloodshed is brutal as two drug cartels fight a troubling and terrifying turf war.

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"I'm just amazed by the body count. It's truly a human rights crisis. We're talking about six to eight dead Mexican people lying in the street every night with a hole in their head. This is every single day," Minn said.

Juarez lies across the U.S.-Mexico border from El Paso, Texas. No matter how you count and compare the Juarez death toll, it's disturbing.

"Last year, there were more murders in Juarez than the 9/11 attacks," Minn said. "We have 43,000 dead since Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the cartels. That would be like selling out Sam Boyd Stadium."

Minn says blame for the wave of violence goes around, starting with drug users. Dangerous weapons and cash routinely enter Mexico to meet demand for drugs.

"Anyone who takes an illegal drug right now in the United States - that could be in exchange, indirectly, to a baby getting slaughtered in Mexico," Minn said.

He also blames the White House for the catastrophic situation.

"They should be thoroughly embarrassed by their lack of attention and support (for) the innocent Mexican people," he said.

"8 Murders a Day" highlights what Minn calls the greatest human rights disaster in the world today with no apparent end in sight.

The film makes its Las Vegas debut at Regal Village Square Stadium 18 Friday, December 30.

The theater is located at Sahara Avenue and Fort Apache Road. The documentary will run for one week and may run longer depending on public support.

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