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11/09/2011 Miguel, Marisol, and Betty are More Than Worthy of Adoption

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Wednesday's Child today is a threesome...a brother and two sisters.   All they need are parents to make a family of five!
At the Gran Prix, our camera guy had trouble keeping up with this trio...in fact this is the only known shot of them sitting together that day, and that, only because of the pizza.

Miguel is the oldest, and tries to act like it, by taking on the role of protective brother.

"He's 10 years old, and, uh, Miguel is one of those brothers that everyone would love to have, because he can protect, and he loves football, so with him loving football," says Gina, who is an adoption recruiter for Clark County's Division of Family Services.

beatriz, or Betty, is next.   She's a 4th grader...and takes school seriously.

"She's one of our little a students in math,  she says she loves math, she's getting an "A"," adds Gina.

Finally, Mari sol...a first grader... Is the youngest.   She's the one with the big heart.

"She's a very caring little girl, so she's 7,  Marisol is a little bit more reserved,  bit she makes sure that everybody is going to be ok," says Gina.

This set of three, must stay together:

"They've been together so long, and they thrive with each other, they make sure each other is taken care of, and I think if we were ever to separate them that would end just a whole lot of great things that can happen for these children," adds Gina.

Considering what they've been through, these kids need a compassionate forever family.

"A family that has lots of patience, has lots of love, has room for them,  and is willing, willing to consider each one of their personalities...and the things that will allow them to grow," says Gina.

Remember, after adoption, family services continues to provide essential services to help transition with these children.

if you're interested, you can get started in the process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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