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Brothers Kenneth and Kenyon Are the Real Deal

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Kenneth and Kenyon with Dave Kenneth and Kenyon with Dave
Kenyon Kenyon
Kenneth Kenneth

Are you ready for double-trouble; or at least double the challenge?  Two brothers, who really are a one-two punch -- but they're also very lovable, and needing a home.

Kenneth and are about as opposite as night 'n' day, but they need each other, and they need a home together.

Kenneth is the older at two years, and he's about as rambunctious as you'd expect at that age.  

"He's very active..he runs through the house...he gets into everything the house has to offer..he's on the telephone...he's in the the pots and's a typical....typical two year old in this respect," says Brenda, the boys' foster mother.

Kenneth's little brother, Kenyon, on the other hand, is a year younger, and a little more reserved in his approach to things.

"Kenyon is one of the most perfect babies I've had and I've had hundreds of them.   What's so perfect about this kid?...he goes to bed at seven o'clock at night and gets up at six in the morning...has never ever woke up during the night....never...and we've had him since he was 3 1/2 months old....he feeds himself..he finger feeds himself," says Brenda.

In fact, Brenda couldn't say enough about Kenyon.

"He's a very handsome child; very seldom ever cries; the sky is the limit for this one," gushes Brenda.

Where does that leave Kenneth?  On top of the world, 'cause this is a kid who will pave his own way.

"I'd like to see him have a young family that knows that their going to have a linebacker by the time he's 16...and it's going to do for the boys everything a young family needs to do with them."

Kenyon and Kenneth are healthy and happy -- on course for their age.   Kenneth is emerging from some early breathing problems quite well, and Kenyon can be a go-getter too, despite his quiet day with us.

"They're beautiful, beautiful children and I think they deserve the very best and they just need a family that does alot of ....ya know...that will work with them," adds Brenda.

Right now these boys are with a very experienced foster mother who obviously loves them, but they can't stay there forever.  So, if you'd like to start the process of adopting Kenyon and Kenneth, call the adoption exchange here in Las Vegas at 436-6335.

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