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10/12/11 Raymond Is a Ray of Sunshine

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7-yr-old Raymond is this week's Wednesday's Child.   Like any other kid his age, he's pretty excited about the coming of Halloween, so we thought we'd take him to a place where there was plenty of "orange".

Sure, there are plenty of pumpkins here, but for this energetic young man, well..."other" things grabbed his attention more.

First there was the inflatable climbing house... then we strapped him into the trampoline harness.

Raymond is about as all-American boy as you would think.   He loves pizza...playing outside...and is doing well in second grade.

"You know what, Raymond is a very active child...he loves sports, he loves Spiderman, he loves superman, he loves being outdoors, he likes pets, as a matter of fact, I believe his favorite pet is a lizard," says Vickie, an adoption recruiter for Clark County's Division of Family Services.

Because of his early childhood, Raymond needs a family that can give him lots of one-on-one attention.

"He does well in a house that has structure, rules, he wants to understand, kinda, what the parameters are," adds Vickie.

All that said, the most important need for Raymond right now is love.

"But most importantly,  I think he needs somebody to stay committed to him, I mean there are holes in his life, there are gaps in his life...obviously, he's lost his family, his sibling is in another home, so we need a family to kinda fill in the gaps for him," says Vickie.

Raymond has an older sister he wants to stay in touch with...so we're hoping his new family will help with that.

If you'd like to be that family...call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now to get things going.   The number is 436-6335.

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